Mobile Internet And Its Applications Need To Become Central To Marketing Strategies

With mobile internet access having become so prevalent in recent years, brand marketers need to adhere to the increasing demand for accessing information through their mobile and smartphones. Whether to keep up-to-date with the latest news, through to shopping with a specific brand, more people are looking to do it on the go through their handsets. The need to construct a suitable online presence has been clear for some time, but now brands must start adhering to these new methods of accessing information. With the growth of the smartphone market, brands must develop their marketing strategies to include such methods.

A recent study by Tecmark found 23% of UK mobile phone users use their handsets to access the internet, and this is only likely to increase as smartphones become more readily available. The same study found that 26% of UK mobile owners have a smartphone, which highlights the correlation between mobile phone owners and internet use. Likewise in the US, mobile data consumption increased by 112% on 2009′s figures, further illustrating the rise to prominence of the mobile market.

With the popularity of both mobile internet access and general smartphone use continually increasing, brands need to ensure they develop suitable means for their fans to access such information. One of the key elements for brands to develop is a mobile-applicable website. Mobile users will be able to access the normal website through their smartphone, but often many websites aren’t wholly suitable for viewing through a smartphone browser, whether due to the use of applications such as flash, or because the website contains too much information to easily view on a small screen. A specifically tailored mobile website will make accessing the web page and the information therein much easier for the user, thereby making it more appealing and offering the user more of a reason to return.

Further to this, the recent ‘boom’ in the online application market presents a suitable medium for brands to continue to target their fans. Creating a mobile application is beneficial as the brand can include a number of different features to attract their fans and help promote the brand. The application could be as simple as creating a new version of the brand’s online shop, or could be as diverse as creating a game to help entertain the user, but one which still promotes the brand at its core.

Clearly it’s imperative for brands to develop suitable means to target their fans through mobile media. With the number of smartphone users ever-increasing along with the capabilities of the latest handsets, brands need to stay up to date with the latest technology so they can target prospective fans in the most suitable manner.

Internet and Network Marketing – Your Own Website In Internet Home Business

With the invention of the internet, internet home business opportunities with network marketing is a booming business. To get into this type of business just ten years ago, you would have had to be introduced into it by a friend or relative. Now that you have the internet, you can bring your network marketing internet home business opportunities and your products to a lot more people than ever before. You can use instant video, audio, and complete explanations of your business on the web. However, to do all this, you will need to have a website.

One of the biggest problems with the majority of network marketing internet home business opportunities is that the website that they give you is basically a duplicate website that looks like everyone else’s which makes the search engines ignore the website. What you really need is a website of your own, one that you can personalize with all of your information.

What you will need first is a domain name. Try to select a domain name that has keywords in it pertaining to your internet home business. If you can’t do this, then it is still possible to get good rankings with the search engines without it. Next, you will need web hosting. Cheap web hosting is okay; however, keep in mind that you will get what you pay for in most cases. You will want to experiment with several different web hosting services to find the right one that meets your needs and most importantly that it will be up 100% of the time.

You will need to purchase some software to design your website and software to help you link your website to other websites of similar interests and quality. There is a wide variety of software out there. You may have to do some research to find the right one for you; however, most people use Macromedia’s Dreamweaver or Frontpage. You could also purchase a website template that has already been designed for a small fee. There are also a few good free software programs that will help you design your website. There is really only one website linking software that you could ever need. Linking to your competitors is important because it will ensure that you get a steady flow of traffic from websites that are similar in content to yours. Zeus Reciprocal Link software is one of the best linking software programs out there.

You must have the determination to learn how to design your website. A little skill does not hurt either. It can be a very frustrating process to design your web pages; however, it can also be very exciting and exhilarating. You can find many books and websites that will give you the information that you need to learn how to design your website. No one, but you, will know what you want and need on your website. So why hire someone else to do it when you can do it yourself?

How Has the Internet and Blogging Changed Since You Started?

Is it just me or have you also noticed that the Internet has sure changed a lot in the 5-years? A few months ago I was watching a panel Venture Capital Discussion in Silicon Valley; it was a video and the topic was social networking; The Next Wave or something of that nature. And the key note speaker before the panel discussion started finished by asking a question of the audience;

How has the internet changed since you started blogging?

Interestingly enough the other day someone asked me this exact question and my immediate thought was;

“Boy that is a good question, as I cruised over to the Thrift Store the other day on my scooter and I picked up a Paperback book; “Computer Dictionary” and it was published in 2000. Guess what? Social Networking, Blogs, Blogging and several other terms were not in it.”

And not long ago, I was watching a video from TED and a researcher from Google was there discussing the Internet and the last five years, how far it has come, it’s truly incredible if you consider it. More importantly he asked; “What will the next five years be?”

Well, our master mind group also has some ideas on this, but his discussion was quite intriguing indeed. When I first started using a blog-like system on our website for a Franchises and myself to use, there was no such thing as a blog, but that’s exactly what it was, perhaps not with all the features that modern day blogs have or all the advertising on the side bars, but it was a blog nevertheless.

You know where the word blog came from? You might want to look that up on the Internet sometime, I will not spoil the surprise here but it is something to consider. About a year ago I exchanged some emails with Vincent Surf about the future of the Internet, and later considered what he had said and the importance of what the greatest communication device ever invented has to offer the human race. Can it bring people together, prevent political impasse, keep people talking and become the catalyst to prevent war?

Indeed, Tim Berners Lee also has discussed this topic and he is happily amazed at the progress of socializing on the Internet and the entire Blogosphere, as he stated in an MIT Conference Video. So, all in all, the Internet has changed quite a bit since you started blogging hasn’t it? Think on this.