The Internet and Network Marketing – Why You Should Use The Internet To Build Your Network Marketing

Think about this, if you continue to use your warm market, how long do you think you will be in business? No matter how big a family, and circle of friends you have, you will come to the end of that list within a couple of weeks or so. Then consider this – at any given time, there are 1.2 BILLION people in the world on the internet. Not only that, over 70% of the world hasn’t even been exposed to the internet yet! Get this…the world growth of internet use since the year 2000 is a whopping 249%! So, do you think your network marketing business growth would be more enhanced by relying on exposure to friends and family, or by exposure to the population searching on the internet?

Another statistic relevant to internet use is that each person using the internet searches an average of 5.5 times each day. Are the numbers starting to add up in your head? This is huge! It is also known that 93% of all searches are searches for information. People are hungry for information, and searching for a cure to what ails them. Your job, as a network marketer, is to position yourself in the pathway of these searches. You need to establish a relationship with a consumer based on their needs, wants, and desires, and your expertise. Once you accomplish that, your next step is to get them to take an action that is mutually beneficial. Solve their problem, or fulfill whatever it is that they came to you looking for, and you will have established a lasting relationship. Make sense?

One of the obvious tools to use with the internet and network marketing is a website. The content of that website will be discussed in another article, but let’s just assume that you have a website for your network marketing business. Now, the question becomes, “how do I get traffic to my website?” Great question. There are numerous ways to accomplish this, some expensive, some FREE! I will outline some of the methods you can use here.

  • One of the most commonly used methods used to get traffic to a website is pay-per-click advertising (PPC). This is a skill to be mastered, it can be quite effective, but also quite costly if not done right. Finding and using the right keywords, those words that your prospect is typing into the search bar, is a skill that takes time and effort, but can yield very profitable results.
  • Article writing is an excellent way to get FREE traffic to your website. There are ezines (internet magazines) that you can publish your articles in, where other publishers will pick them up to add content to their websites, with a link back to you! How good is that?
  • After you have written several articles, you can “re-purpose” them…maybe compile a collection and create an e-book that you can offer for FREE, or sell for a small charge. These are just a couple of options available to you to keep your visitor’s attention, and of course once again position you as an expert.
  • Once someone has visited your website, you can utilize auto-responders to follow up and maintain contact with your potential customers. This is a great way to establish a relationship with people, and begin to develop trust, as well as reinforce your expertise. You can do this with a simple email response, or maybe a series of newsletters that give your visitors more information..information that may affect their buying decision.

I’ve touched on several ways to use the internet in network marketing today, and will go into more detail in future articles. The point I am trying to make is that the internet is an invaluable tool to use in today’s network marketing businesses. Look around you, and you will see that this is our future. People are getting more and more comfortable with the internet, and are doing business based on what they feel is good information.

As I stated earlier, people are searching for information and answers to their questions. Place yourself in front of them, and you will see your network marketing business grow to incredible heights.

To your success!

Flipping Domain Names and Websites is the Rave Now

Website Design And Website Promotion Internet Marketing – 3 Things To Remember

So what are the crucial ingredients for a winning website design and effective website promotion when it comes to online marketing? Here are 3 things to be aware of:

1. In Internet Marketing the most important sales strategy is to promote your business website. The Website design must be innovating and very creative otherwise it will get lost among your competition. With all the competition on the Web you have to set yourself apart and create a Website that will draw your prospect in and keep their attention. This is an ongoing process and once you feel you have the perfect website you than have to be able to track where your leads are coming from. So Website design and Web Site promotion go hand in hand and are crucial in Internet marketing.

2. The goal to your website is to get your customer to buy something and Website promotion Internet marketing gives you the information of what your customer’s desires really are. They want to be able to search out your site at their pace not being bothered by annoying pop ups and other distractions. They want to be able to find what they are looking for so not only does your site need to be appealing but it has to be user friendly. Pretend you are your own perfect customer and design your website to get you the information fast and easy. You want your customer to desire to return to your site often.

3. The key to driving visitors to your website is search engines. Search Engine Optimization or SEO has to be utilize to maximize the traffic that is funnel to your site. SEO is a system that allows your website to be seen at the beginning of a topic rather than hundreds of pages later where most people would not even look.This marketing technique allows visitors a quicker access to your page instead of searching out all your competition first. A website designer should be able to help you with this process. Once again the idea is to drive as much traffic as possible to your site.