5 Tips for Internet and Online Business Articles

If you have a product that deals with internet and online businesses or how to better run them then articles are a great way to get quality, targeted traffic to your website. There are always new things to learn when it comes to businesses of any kind and with online businesses the changes can be implemented almost immediately so if you’ve got something new to offer there are tonnes of people ready to buy.

Here are 5 great tips when writing your Internet and Online Business Articles.

1. Length

As with all articles that are written it is important to make sure that they are concise and to the point. When it comes to articles written on this topic the same guidelines should be followed.

Have a concise and interesting intro. A body that covers the main topics of your article and an outro that has the reader wanting to find out more.

2. Information

In the body of your article include information that is unique to your product. If for example you teach how to get articles ranked higher in search engines then mention the broad strokes of the technique that you use. This will ensure that people understand that you’ve got something more to offer that ‘the next guy’.

3. References

If your product improves upon another well known product or service in the internet and online business world then mentioning this will help. Going into a few details about how your product is superior will also serve to breed interest in your product.

Should you have a better social networking site than Facebook saying that you’ve improved upon the platform and are already getting members at a faster rate mentioning this will help.

4. Keep it Simple

When it comes to the language that you use it’s best to keep the words simple. When it comes to topics that deal with technologically based products it’s easy to start using jargon. This might be alright for people who are in the industry but you will also have potential customers who are looking to start out in the Internet and Online business world. It is more than likely that they will not understand certain terms and you want your article to be informative to everyone.

5. Entertain & Excite

When writing articles that deal with this topic try to be entertaining and exciting if possible. It’s very easy when listing facts or figures about traffic generation and online businesses to bore a reader which will make them less likely to click through.

Add some short, funny anecdotes or witty phrases that are likely to stick with the reader after they’re done reading.

Thank you for your time and have a wonderful day.

Marketing and Website Promotion Tips

Effective advertising and marketing of a website is very important when starting a website business. But, there are more and more people falling into the trap of starting internet businesses because they have heard that they can make a ton of money quickly with very little effort. Part of this is due to the number of websites out there that are promoting this concept as fact and part of it is because many people now days really need to find extra sources of income. If you are just starting a website business or thinking about starting a website to increase your income you will want to consider these tips before you jump into the pool head first.

  1. What is your product or service? Creating a website to generate an income is not the same as creating a website that only has ads from affiliates or Google AdSense. Think about the reasons you visit websites, you either want information or products. If you “happen” to see an interesting ad on the page you may click it, but for the most part you are there to see that site. A website must have something to offer the people who visit it, there must be quality content and products or services that will meet the needs of the audience you are targeting. If you read about a guy who made a gazillion dollars slapping a website up that had nothing but advertisements and affiliates on it, this is a big red flag. Just like a business that has a great looking entrance but a showroom full of cardboard furniture, people may come in once but they will leave quickly and will not return. If you want to succeed with your internet marketing efforts you must have quality content and products or services that will entice your customers to tell their friends about the site and return to the site to see what is new. You must provide value to your visitors.
  2. Website content – Website content is not the same as articles. Many people make the mistake of copying articles onto their sites and thinking that is content. Articles are a great way to do internet marketing and website promotion, but they are not what the people who visit your site are looking for. When writing website content you want to be more personal, give more detailed information than an article will allow, and write directly to the audience that you are trying to reach. A good way to think of this is fishing. Article writing is like using one of those big nets to catch fish. There are a lot of fish caught in those nets, but maybe only a few of the kind that you are fishing for. Web content is a line. You are writing for a specific audience and that is the audience that is reading your content. If they don’t see, within your content, that you actually know your subject and what you are writing about, they may visit your site once, but you are not going to see the success that you are looking for.
  3. Maximize Marketing – Using one method or technique to market your website is not just slow and expensive but also ineffective. if you are not marketing to your target audience it is not going to be successful and can cost a lot of money. Use several marketing methods that are effective. Not one zine, but several, especially those that are directed toward your audience. Building marketing efforts maximizes your ability to reach your customers. Do not fall into the trap of thinking that one method is the best method. There may be one method that works for some people but an entirely different method that works well for others. It is important that you test your marketing strategies and find what works best for you.

Most importantly, is a basic understanding that website promotion, just like a landbased business is going to take time to grow you the amount of traffic you need to make the kind of money that will allow you to quit the day job. Most successful internet businesses were not started with the idea that they would make a lot of money. They were started as a way to share information about a topic or subject that the owner loved. Making money from their website was a perk.  A successful internet business takes time to build just like anything else that is worth doing.

The really successful internet businesses have been around a long time and by visiting their sites and seeing how they run their business you can get a very good idea of what works. If you are using a marketing tool that has been touted as “the best”, but the business using that tool is already gone, then you want to think twice about whether or not it is as effective as you were told.

It is important to ask a lot of questions when you are starting your business and gather information from a lot of sources. The great thing about starting your internet business is that you will have the opportunity to meet a lot of people who are successful and are willing to share their methods for becoming successful at no cost.

Elements of an Internet Business Website

An internet business website will take you far, whether you are a business that is completely online or you are a brick and mortar business just going on the web. But in order for your site to give you the most benefit, it needs to contain certain elements. These elements of a shopping cart site will help you build trust with your customers, convert visitors to sales, and generally educate the public about your company and what you offer.

Home Page Elements

The home page requires many different elements in order to be successful. First, it should contain a welcome to your company. Second, it should contain easily navigable links to all the pages of your site. Finally, the home page is your first impression, and as such should include eye grabbing but not overly flashy graphics and easy to read fonts.

About Us Page

The about us page gives site visitors a great way to get to know your company. Here you should include things such as how and when the company was founded, key players in the company such as the owner, and goals or objectives of the company such as a mission statement. You should also include any information about your company that might help turn a visitor into a customer.

Content Pages

Many people neglect to include content pages in their internet business website. However, content pages are an important part of your site. They give your visitors valuable information that will help build their trust and convert them to customers. Content pages also give you the ability to provide original, keyword optimized content, which is what the search engines are looking for when they rank sites.

Product Pages

If you are offering a service on your shopping cart site, you will want to create a page or pages explaining your services offered in detail. If you are selling products on your site, you should offer a different page or section of a page for each product offered. Some website builders with shopping carts allow you to simply enter your product information and the website does the rest for you. However, if you do need to make your own product pages, be certain to include a keyword oriented description and a good graphic of the product.

Contact Page

This is the most important part of your website, especially if you are going to be selling services. This is how your customers contact you. If you are selling services, you may want more than one contact page. One page can be a form for getting a quote while the other page is a form for contacting you about general questions or problems. Your contact page should include your address, phone number, fax number, mobile numbers, and contact names for various departments. You should also include a map to your location if you are a brick and mortar business, as well as clear and concise directions.


More and more companies are adding a blog to their internet business website. This is due to the fact that the blog gives you several benefits. First, it gives you yet another way to get the attention of search engines with unique content that is rich in keywords. Secondly, it gives you a way to communicate with your visitors and customers. You can include industry news, items that effect your industry, new product or service announcements, and helpful tips for using the products or services you offer.