You, the Internet and Network Marketing – 5 Tips on Building Your MLM Business

You, Internet and Network Marketing – How does it work?

If you are reading this article, you must be wondering how internet is related in your network marketing business. Before I started to do online prospecting last year, I thought that building my MLM business on the internet is not possible. I have heard rumors that there are a lot of scams that tricked people into believing that it is possible to do online prospecting.

I have been doing traditional offline prospecting for almost 5 years in this industry. I have faced countless of rejections and done a lot of cold calls. Still there is no much success. Till last year in 2007, I decided to look for help. I found an Expert who is an Internet network marketer. We have a coaching session and he taught priceless lessons that help me to recruit hundreds of downlines in less than 3 months.

So how does it work? Internet marketing has been around for a long time about a decade. Thousands of people have made millions of dollars online. To succeed in doing network marketing prospecting online, you need to understand the basic principle of how it worked in the internet marketing industry.

The 3 Basic principles to succeed online

This is the 3 basic principles that you must follow to succeed online:

1) Create your own marketing system. Most people do not understand that to make money online, you need to create your marketing system. You cannot have the mindset of a “get rich quick” mentality. Adopting the right mindset will determine your failure or success.

2) Set up your leads generation system. Leads are your lifeblood of your internet and network marketing business. Without leads, there is no one to pitch your business opportunity or sell your products. Example of a leads generation system is article marketing.

3) Set up your email marketing system. You need to purchase an auto responder to write emails and send it out to your prospects in automation. It acts as your sales assistant to help you build relationships with your prospects and sell your products.

Now you have understood the 3 basic principles how to succeed online, next, I am going to share with you what my mentor taught me about how internet and network marketing is related and how to use internet into your secret weapon to build a huge motivated team.

5 Tips on Building your internet and network marketing business

Actually, there is no secret to success. You just have to adopt the right mindset and apply the right methods of building your internet and network marketing business. There is no two ways about it. You have to focus, remain focus at all times.

1) The first thing you need to do is to create your squeeze page, often called the lead capture page. It is a mini website that you use to capture your prospects name and email address. The purpose is to follow up with them using the auto responder.

2) Next, purchase an auto responder. I personally use a reliable auto responder for most of my internet and network marketing campaigns. Create your opt in form and insert it in your squeeze page.

3) Direct traffic to your lead capture page. I can’t deny that traffic generation is the most difficult step in building your internet and network marketing business. Most people give up at this step as it could take weeks and months to drive traffic to your website. There is a few strategies you can apply to drive traffic.

My favorite traffic generation methods are article marketing and video marketing. Sometimes traffic can comes instantly using video marketing. It simply works like magic.

4) Write responsive emails. Now you have a list. The next stumbling block you need to overcome is to create emails that are filled with content and soft selling. Network marketing prospecting starts in email marketing. To succeed in network marketing prospecting online, you need to build strong relationships with your prospects.

Once you have gained trust and credibility from your prospects, you can proceed to pitch your business opportunity to or sell network marketing home study courses.

5) Finally, create your network marketing blog. This is the next step in network marketing prospecting. Blogging is a great way to brand yourself as an expert. You gained credibility instantly once you have great contents posted to your blog daily.


Now you have learnt how internet and network marketing is related in helping you to build your MLM business online. You will see results when you abide by the basic principles and the advice that my mentor taught me. There are tools and resources available to help you get started in your network marketing prospecting campaign.

Simply go to my resource box and click onto my link to find out how to move your internet and network marketing business to the next level. I am looking forward to see you on the other side and all the best to your network marketing prospecting campaign.

Online Dating Expert Advice for Guys: How to Choose a Great Internet Dating Website for You

Guys, when you’re one of the millions of singles out there in the modern dating world looking to find a girlfriend online, the first step for you to consider before you launch yourself online is to choose a great internet dating site for you. There are literally thousands and thousands of online dating websites featuring single women looking for love. Before you pick just any singles sites and plunk down your hard earned money to join the site, consider these 3 questions for yourself. Discover what single guys want to ask themselves first before buying a membership at a singles website. Read on to discover for yourself, because you don’t want just any girl. You want what you want.

Questions to Ask Yourself: What Kind of Relationship Do You Want?

Guys, are you looking for a girlfriend online? Or are you looking to find a quality mate? Are you a single guy who is not only relationship-minded, but also marriage-minded? First consider these sort of questions and your own personal answer to them. Determine first what kind of relationship you desire before you consider and select a singles site. Once you know the type of relationship you’re looking for, then you can select an internet dating website that best meets your needs. You want to be sure to pick a site that has lot of single women wanting what you want, too. Then when you two connect, you have a match! Then you two can really click online and in person.

Questions to Consider: What Kind of Single Woman Are You Attracted to?

Do you find women of a certain ethnic group or race attractive? Do you desire to date women of the same racial and ethnic make up as you? Or do you want to consider dating women of all sort of groups? Knowing what you find attractive is your starting point. There are literally thousands upon thousands of computer dating sites for all different categories of ethnic groups. Some sites feature and emphasize the single lady’s country of origin like some Filipino, Asian, or Russian dating sites. Alternatively, you might want to date a women already living in either the United States or Canada, but you are open to her being a variety of different racial or ethnic groups. You’ll want to be sure to investigate dating sites featuring a variety of single women.

Questions to Ponder: Do You Want a Girlfriend Who Shares Certain Activity Hobbies with You?

Many singles today are leading wonderful active lifestyles. An active lifestyle can mean anything from you like to take a weekend 2 mile walk in the park, to you’re an advanced hiker, and all the way to you’re an avid golf or tennis player. Consider the activities and hobbies which you pursue. Are you a ballroom dancer, so skilled in your dancing that you could lead a dancing workshop? If you’re hobbies fill your weekend, then you might want to consider the “Shared Interest” niche online dating websites serving singles who pursue certain hobbies.

When you know the kind of man you are, the kind of love relationship you want, the type of woman you’re attracted to, and the kind of life you lead, then you are well on your way to being able to select a great internet dating site to get just the right girlfriend for you!

How to Get Cheap Satellite Internet and Enjoy the High Speed Experience

In today’s world you are at a serious disadvantage if you can’t access the web at lightning speed. That included many living in rural areas until the advent of satellite internet. Despite availability, the problem of high cost has kept many from dumping dial-up and embracing high speed internet. Now it’s possible to get cheap satellite internet and enjoy the high speed experience. Here’s how.

You won’t know what’s available until you check out the websites of some of the main satellite internet service providers. It’s important to look beyond the price when you first start checking packages out. Be sure you are comparing the same thing from one provider to another.

Often these service providers offer special promotional deals to get you to sign up. You really shouldn’t have to pay full price if you are prepared to do some shopping.

To make your initial cost as reasonable as possible, go with a provider that offers free installation. This in itself could save you several hundred dollars.

If you have a choice of purchasing or leasing equipment, be aware that even if you lease, you may be responsible for repairs or replacement if a problem occurs. It’s similar to leasing a car. You don’t own it but because you are using it, you are responsible.

If you do decide to purchase the equipment, the cost of a package should be significantly lower because it won’t be reflecting leasing costs.

The main factors affecting cost are speed and the size of the data package you decide on. By choosing a package that reflects your usage you can get a relatively cheap satellite internet package.

If you are a light internet user; someone who surfs the web and checks email, you may not need a large data plan or even the fastest download speed available. If you like to watch videos online or plan to run an internet dependent business, you’ll probably want a bigger data plan and faster speeds.

In either case, don’t over commit to more than you really need. By doing that, you will be able to get cheap satellite internet.