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What is the Future of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) For Us Internet Marketers’ Websites?

It is nearly impossible to predict what the next phase is on the internet of what the future of the World Wide Web has in store for internet marketers. This can be exciting of frightening, depending on your outlook. Computers can either positively benefit us in the future, or ruin human existence by becoming too smart for their own good. Only the future can tell and it is not far away.

Google seems to be the largest dominator of the internet and what they do or say seems to become web standards. What this means for internet marketers, is that you have to stay up-to-date with Google’s changes to the search rankings and how they impact your website. You must change your approach and adapt to succeed in the future of the web and SEO.

Looking back over the past few years, a significant change is the inclusion of maps, local business listings, videos, real time Twitter feeds, and more. As we keep looking at the search results they are constantly changing, adding new features, and look different. This can become frustrating and cause a big headache for search engine optimization specialists and internet marketers, who make their living by providing top organic search results for clients.

Now even more has the shift changes as the major engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing are starting to provide customized searches depending on your IP address, browsing history, and any other information the search engines have gathered about you and your computer usage. This can be a frightening thing, but will be beneficial as it is still in beta testing modes.

Another big change that has taken over SEO is social media and the impact it has over the web. Social media allows companies to interact with their customers, giving a face behind the company. This establishes trust and shows that you truly care about your customers. Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn have claimed their spot as the top social media outlets in 2010. In the upcoming months this can easily change and shift.

So what does all this have to do with search engine optimization for all you internet marketers reading this article? Well, search engines play a big role for internet users. Searches are the starting place for anyone who needs to find an answer to something they are unsure of. Having a properly optimized website for the search engines can make an company a successful company. Staying up to date and ahead of the competition when it comes to SEO can give you that competitive advantage you seek.

Internet Marketing And Website Promotion

The Internet has certainly opened up a new way for people to make money. Ever since it has come onto the scene, people have been trying to capitalize financially because of the vast number of individuals that are surfing the web. Many of them have paid a lot of money to put up a website that offers some kind of product or service and then they sit back and wait for the money to start pouring in. The problem is that they just keep waiting because nobody ever finds their website.

Just as a store can not stay in business unless it has customers, a website will fail if people are not finding it. There are so many different ways that can be used to get people to find your online store. Some of these methods are rather simple and others are quite complex (and sometimes costly). Here is one often overlooked method of getting people to your website. It is the use of common misspellings that your target audience might type into a search engine.

Although the exact number is not known, it is estimated that up to 15% of all Internet searches contain a spelling error. If you were to build pages that contain these misspellings they would easily rank well with just a minimal amount of SEO (Search Engine Optimization).

For example, if you were to go after the search term “Internet marketing and website promotion” you would be competing against 21,000 optimized websites (using the quotes). It would be possible to rank well for this term but it would take some work. If, however, you were to use the common misspelling, “Internet marketing and website promotio” you are only competing against 8 other pages. It would be extremely easy for you to rank well for this keyword phrase.

So do not overlook the possibility of using misspellings in your online marketing efforts. It is an easy way for new and experienced webmasters to get some very targeted traffic to their websites.

Small Business Internet Marketing to Get Visibility and Traffic to Your Site

Small Business Internet Marketing Evolves – Owning a website these days is a bit different from the early years of the internet in which a simple pay-per-click ad would suffice in terms of marketing. These days, the marketing and traffic generation of your website is quite important if you are expecting success in your site. Small business internet marketing also comprises of several expanded options for marketing and generating traffic to the site, allowing you to have a full internet marketing campaign for your sit. This will ensure a high volume of traffic. When you are promoting your business through your website, you need to stand out and do the things others simply don’t know how to do them right.

Small business internet marketing now consists of several elements and avenues to which you can pursue such as:

  • Search engine optimization (SEO)
  • Pay-per-click advertisement
  • Social network marketing
  • Articles, blogs, forums

There really is no limit to the heights you can get to with your small business internet marketing these days, since there are now several ways you can communicate directly with your target consumers. As your website is presented, you want to begin directing the traffic right in, which involves using the most appropriate means of targeting your consumers and bringing them in with trust and integrity.

Search engine optimization will likely be your first step to small business internet marketing measures, beginning with preparing your site for maximum visibility. Your site needs to be indexed by the main search engines, which means optimizing the site and registering with the most popular search engines.

The 3 most important search engines are:

  • Google
  • Bing (MSN)
  • Yahoo

This should be the first step with your small business internet marketing efforts to really prepare your site to be found easily when your key terms or related phrases are searched by your target audience. So at this point you are not only targeting these consumers, but these search engines as well. To get a high ranking in one or more of the major search engines is one key element to get free traffic which leads to more customers/sales.

Using pay-per-click, or PPC, ads for generating traffic is another step to be taken in small business internet marketing. You can use host sites to market your ads, paying them a few cents per click of the ad. There are other paid marketing measures such as paid placement and inclusion that can be taken in order to guarantee placement in search engine results pages or in host sites. Each time these host sites have a visitor, they are able to see your ad and click it to be directed to your site.

One of the most successful means of small business internet marketing is social network marketing which can be done on many sites such as LinkedIn and Facebook, as well as Twitter and MySpace. These sites allow you to actually communicate with your target consumers, obtaining feedback and building your lists for your marketing. This is also achieved through blogging, forums, and articles in which you can provide your target consumers with the advice, solutions, and answers they are looking for in order to build a trusting relationship. You will find that all these methods can highly improve the efficiency and effectiveness of your small business internet marketing.