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Internet and Affiliate Marketing – 10 Critical Elements You Must Understand

Every day fortunes are made online. Just like anything else, it takes time, commitment, and perseverance. But what is most important for you to understand in order to have your efforts be profitable?

Here are the 10 critical elements of internet and affiliate marketing you MUST understand to be successful online, no matter what product or business you are promoting:


-Are there enough hungry buyers for what you are selling?
-Do you have what a lot of people are looking for?


-When you are first starting out, look for proven markets where there are a huge number of customers. For example, every month there are several millions of people looking for home businesses
-Later you can expand into niche markets like affiliate marketers, realtors, stay at home moms, and network marketers


-This can simply be your face, your name, and your unique selling proposition
-Why would someone want to do business with you?


-This is one of the biggest obstacles to overcome if you are new, but it can be done very effectively through strategies such as link building, article marketing, video marketing, and blogging, to name a few


-The biggest mistake those new to internet and affiliate marketing make is trying to sell their product as soon as their customers come to their website.
-Since only a small percentage of people will buy something from you and as a general rule, people need to hear a marketing message at least 7 times before they buy something, you must:
-Offer something of value for free in exchange for their contact information and have an email follow-up system to stay in contact with your potential customers to provide value, build trust, and develop familiarity


-Turning visitors into leads and turning leads into customers
-Professional marketers spend their efforts on increasing conversions and sometimes the smallest changes can make the biggest difference


-You can recruit affiliates to sell your product
-Imagine 100′s to 1000′s selling your product over the internet


-Getting paid several times for one purchase
-Examples: memberships or consumable goods


-If you only have one product, you are leaving money on the table
-It’s much easier to get existing customers to buy from you rather than acquiring new customers
-Offer exceptional value and fill your customer’s needs
-Have a sales process in place to introduce customers to different products over time


-You can use this to share data bases and market your products
-Create new products with others.

Attraction Marketing Training For Your Internet and Network Marketing Opportunity

This article is especially tailored for beginners in Internet and Network Marketing who are trying to put all the pieces together. All the things you’re learning, like what websites to use, how to use an auto-responder and how to build your list are really important.

However, it’s essential to fit all these pieces together, kind of like a jigsaw puzzle. Attraction Marketing and Personal Branding are the two concepts necessary to learn, for you to make sense of marketing.

One thing really stands out in this industry, and especially on the Internet, and, that is – There can be 2 people taking similar actions and generating say 3 leads each day, and yet they have an entirely different sign up rate. The “person themselves” is what really makes a huge difference in lead conversion.

This is what makes up attraction marketing.

People make a decision to associate themselves with you because they find you and your brand attractive. However, it’s more than just having a common interest or liking the person. That IS part of it, but not all of it.

People have lots of things to choose from and whatever choice they make out of the many it is always a matter of psychology. There are psychological triggers causing a person to sign up with a particular sponsor over all the other people they could have signed up with in that company.

Following up with your leads, and I don’t mean calling them up and “closing” the leads, it’s different to that. What you do with the leads you generate will determine the success of your business. By ‘following up’ I mean teaching people some important lessons that they can make use of in their daily business lives.

Attraction marketing is simply influencing people who may want to work with you.

You want to inspire your clients come to you and not you going to them. You want to make your brand interesting and worthwhile enough for them to want to be associated with you. Their decision will be based on the information you’ve given them and it ties into personal branding because a big part of attraction is being able to create that brand for yourself. It’s about you establishing yourself as someone who has VALUE to offer your prospects.

You Attract People to You by Adding Value in their Lives.

Giving value is a very important part of Attraction marketing and personal branding. You might be wondering at this point what you have to offer your clients if you are new to the internet. There are plenty of ways you can give value. Some include teaching prospects about:

  • traffic generation,
  • marketing strategies,
  • leadership development,
  • relationship building principles,
  • self improvement,
  • lead generation and
  • many other things.

Whatever you learn about, write that in your own words and send it to your list or make a video about it. You don’t have to come up with a complex new concept or formulation. When you write it in your own words, you’re creating your own brand.

With time people take notice of the impact your teachings make in their lives and their perspective of you grows into admiration and respect. People will see you as a teacher and a leader, and they’ll realize you’re giving them a lot of value.

People want to work with individuals who add something positive in their lives. If you’re consistently offering value to people, they’ll realize you’re the one who can help them.

This is not difficult at all. With an auto-responder you are able to write up an email about whatever it is you want to write about and share it with your prospects. As you learn new things, you can write about them, and pass them on. Or better still, create a video of yourself teaching people about this new concept you’ve just learned.

You can even use your failures as teachings – you know what does not work so teach people about that.

Make use of the information you get from reading blogs and the newsletters you might be subscribed to. How many other people in the world don’t know what you’ve just read about attraction marketing? You can package it up in your own way, and share it with others.

There’s a lot of resources where you can learn more about using attraction marketing and branding yourself. Keep your focus on acquiring more and more knowledge and sharing this knowledge with your prospects and watch your brand grow and more people getting attracted to your MLM business.

To receive you have to give, so give as much as you can and get more people attracted to you in return. So, if you want more people signing up in your business, then give value to people and the universe will reward you by giving back to you.

Build Your Internet and Network Marketing Business by Branding Yourself

If your Internet and Network Marketing business is new or you’re new to the concept of “Attraction Marketing” or “Relationship Marketing”, the words “brand yourself” might seem a little strange. All it means is that rather than market your opportunity, you will market YOURSELF online as a leader – that way you will be someone who can teach others to be successful.

For example, you could set yourself up as an expert in:

  • Teaching Moms or Dads how to build a business or
  • Teaching young adults how to make money online,
  • If you’re a Grandparent, you could teach grandparents.
  • You might love health and nutrition, and fitness, and want to work in that area.
  • Or, you might be a musician, and want to market to others who love a particular kind of music.

Of course, you should find a target market where you want to work, something your passionate about it, so you’re motivated at all times.

So, what is a Target Market?

A “Target Market” is a specific group of people you want to attract as prospects, customers and leaders for your

business. Make sure you find a particular group of people who love (or do) the same thing you’re passionate about. That way, you can be authentic in your marketing. If you haven’t worked out your target market yet, I recommend working that out before doing anything else for your business!

Leverage off your Team

While you’re becoming an expert within your target market group, you can leverage off other people’s content to start making money. It’s a tremendous help to you, if someone in your team has something you can leverage off.

However, if your sponsor is like mine, and doesn’t use the internet to build his/her business, then you will need more time to learn things yourself. You may want to set up your own system for yourself and for your team. This will pay off tremendously, once you have it in place.

Build Assets for your Business

There are lots of different ways you can build your brand on the Internet and build assets for yourself at the same time. However, you’re much better off in the long run, to create YOUR brand and generate your own leads from your target market.

The list of leads YOU generate will be your biggest asset, provided you Follow Up and nurture them. Some examples of other Online assets you will have, are websites, blogs, your articles, your E-books, and your “self-created” videos.

When you Brand Yourself you will start Creating Assets which generate even more income

Assets generate income continuously (this is also called residual income), so it’s best to build as many online assets as you can. You will begin to influence people as part of your branding, so you attract them to YOU. This is not about you chasing people, it’s about them coming to YOU. It’s what Attraction Marketing is about.

Think about the way a Rock n Roll band “brands themselves” and attracts fans. However, for your business, you don’t need to be able to sing or play music, but just BE yourself and some people will like you, some won’t.

When people become part of your network marketing team, they’re not just joining because of your company, they are joining YOU. So, you have to build your value. Once my husband John, and I learned about Attraction Marketing, it literally changed our lives. We started having more fun and relaxing, instead of working all the time. John already loved to relax and have fun, and he spent years trying to get me to have more fun also. I thought I had to work extremely hard before I could be successful.

I’m not saying you don’t have to work, I’m just saying you can have fun while you’re working and leverage your time. With the internet, you can set things up, then go off and have fun, while your marketing systems are working for you. Especially if you have your marketing plan in place and a lead generation system all worked out for your business.

I have given you an overview of branding yourself and how this will work for your internet and network marketing business. As you brand yourself within a particular market, and create assets, your team and your online business will grow enormously.