Internet and Network Marketing – Why Didn’t They Tell Me This Years Ago?

When I was first brought into network marketing I was told to just to attend hotel meetings and tell my family and friends to do the same and I would be wildly successful. Does that sound like a similar story that you were told? Well speaking personally that never really worked out for me and I spent a lot more money and time on my business than was necessary. That’s when I decided to try to use the internet to build my business.

Was it easy? Well the truth is it really wasn’t easy at first because I didn’t know what I was doing. Sure I was used to checking my e-mail on the Internet and chatting with people but I never really thought to build a business on the Internet especially in network marketing.

I remember asking one of my mentors if there was a way we could take the business on the Internet and they really didn’t know and didn’t want me to. Why was this? Simply because they didn’t want me to go against the system and continue to do what they were doing. But by following their strategies 97% of people quit. Simply because they do not get enough leads and waste too much cash in the process.

The Internet and network marketing is a great blend together because you have the opportunity to meet people all over the world and actually create business relationships with them right from your laptop.

When you take your network marketing business on to the Internet you must remember it is important to sell yourself and your expertise in the industry. Even if you been in network marketing for a couple of weeks you still must have the passion to try to help other people. Let this be known in your website and don’t promote the same generic website as all the other distributor are in your company.

People can see right through the sales pitch so it is truly beneficial to just be yourself.